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OCE, JEE 6 JSP and Servlets Developer
Howdy Ranchers!

I would like to share my story with you. Today I've passed the Oracle Certified Expert JEE 6 JSP and Servlet Developer Exam, in short called: OCEJEE6JSPSD ;-) with 84%.

It was kinda new experience, as there are no mock tests about the new SCWCD exam which was released only few days ago (14.04.2011). So, after doing some tests from Head First book, SCWCD Study Companion book and Niko's tests I took the specification itself and work with it.

So, to give you a reference point, I had an average of 72% in Head First chapter questions, 60% in the Head First final exam, average of 77% in the SCWCD Study Companion chapter questions and average of 85% in Niko's Blog questions.

I am very disappointed with the quality of the test. There were many mistakes, the questions were poorly formatted, etc. It really shouldn't be present in the production exam. I.e. the spaces in questions were inappropriately transformed into slashes and backslashes so it looked like this:

it could really mess up if you have a question about EL and you see something like:

And there is no "compilation error" or any answer that would point that this chars are put there intentionally! It was an obvious error.

The next thing - one of the questions was so messed up that there was an instruction to "click on Exhibit". When you clicked it, there was a code (it wouldn't compile because of the missing parenthesis) which has absolutely no relation with the question which was about architecture pattern.

In one of the questions which was talking about security constraints there was the following structure:

I guess that they missed the <role-name> element within the <auth-constraint>?

So thats about complaining, and now about the topics.
There were no drag and drop questions - just pure test ones. There were no questions about asynchronous servlets, just 1 - 2 questions about custom tags, no questions about deferred expressions in JSP/EL. There were about 15% of questions about the new JEE 6 features like web fragments, listeners registration, programmatic security, servlets addition. Some questions were about pure HTTP methods and some about the patterns.

So I guess that's it - few days of break and I should move along to JEE 6 EJB's :-)

Hi Pedro!


Many Many Congratulations Pedro!!!

You Did it!!!

And Thanks Alot for sharing your experience.

All the best for OCP EJB!!!

Thanks guys! :-))
Congratulation.....I think you are the first guy in this form....I think you also create own set of question on new JSP-Servlet exam which give you depth knowledge...
Congrats Pedro!
Congratulations Pedro
Congrats Pedro!!!
Congrats Pedro!!

I was monitoring this and SCWCD forums for your post and feedback about the new exam.. thanks for the feedback, it will surely help

Congrats again!

Congratulations! Thanks for the feedback!!

Wow . Congrats !!

Do you mean you studied the Head First for SCWCD 5.
From where did you study the new Servlet(3.0) and JSP. I want to learn JEE6 but am
finding the specs difficult.
Once again thanks guys! :-)

@Simran - did you look at this topic? I learned from the specs mainly and read few articles (mentioned in the linked topic) which summaries new features. Nevertheless, the specs were my main source of knowledge (and most valid).

congrats padro!!!
but can you tell me any book for "Oracle Certified Expert JEE 6 JSP and Servlet Developer Exam"
the book "head first " is for the java 5.....
or is it likely to be released???
Congrats Pedro!

I recently passed the OCPJP 6 exam (310-065), and I am currently trying to put together a prep plan for the Oracle Certified Expert JEE 6 JSP and Servlet Developer Exam, (310-085).
My plan is to study "Head First Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition", along with a selective study of the new specifications (for Servlet, JSP, EL, JSTL), writing small examples and experimenting with the code, especially with the new stuff in the specs. If you could recommend any other resources, books in particular, I would really appreciate it.

Bryan, Kathy and Bert, any chance of seeing a "Head First Servlets and JSP, 3rd Edition"? I am sure that the entire community will welcome it.

Bests to all,
Congratulations !

Can you tell me how much time it took for you to prepare ?
Hi Pedro,

Congrats for being a pioneer and getting through the new JSP and Servlets exam.

I'm also hoping to do this exam in the next week or two. I have read HFSJ 2nd edition and the various specs, all the while playing around with some test web apps on Tomcat and Glassfish.

With the previous exam there seemed to be a heavy emphasis on a deep knowledge of the DD (web.xml).

Now with Servlet 3.0 it seems that there is an attempt to de-emphasize deployment descriptors, with a greater focus on annotations. With your experience of the exam do you think this is reflected? Or is there still a heavy emphasis on the DD for configuration in the new exam?

Of course one can always get a completely different set of questions in the exam to what you experienced. I'm just interested in the topics you encountered. ;)

Many thanks for any feedback.

Cheers B.
Howdy Guys!

Sorry for late answer - I don't know why I didn't receive any notifications about posts in this thread :-(

@Addy - thank you :-) Unfortunately, I don't know about any books related with the new SCWCD exam. I think it's just a matter of time, as the exam is only 2 months old. More likely you'll find a lot of materials about Servlets 3.0 or new features in EL on the Internet.

@Andrei - thanks :-) I followed the exact plan you mentioned. I started with HF book and then I started with the specifications (most time I spent with Servlets 3.0) and other materials (i.e. EL changes) available on the Internet.

BTW: HF team - I would also be happy to see your new Servlets and JSP book, as I would gladly recommend it to my colleagues! :-)

@Rahul thanks a lot! I can tell you that I purchased the book in mid November 2010. It took me a month or so to read it and do mocks for SCWCD 5 exam. Than I had a break for about 2,5 month because the JEE 6 exam wasn't published by the Oracle (postponed at least 3 times!). After this I read the Servlets 3.0 specification and tested many of its features until the exam day. The overall time really depends on how much do you know and how much time can you spend on learning.

@Brendan - thanks man and good luck with your exam! :-) Well, yes I must say that there weren't many questions purely about the DD. Almost every servlet / servlet mapping was declared using annotations. Few filters example was made using DD and few questions mentioned about using annotations + DD, but really the DD is not the most important part of this exam. Give me a hint if I could be of any help!

Thanks Pedro,

I was lucky that you replied so quickly to me then if you didn't get any notifications! ;)

As a general aside: I have to say I'm a little disappointed that the exam quality is poor w.r.t. syntax issues etc. Is this what we can expect in future from Oracle?

Also, I see that Oracle seem to be going down a path where certain exams can only be taken AFTER expensive courses held by Oracle have been taken by the candidates.

This looks to make the future certification process more expensive. Being a fan of self-study I find this very disappointing indeed.

Cheers B.

Yeah, it's true the quality is poor - it looks more like beta exam that it's production version. And taking so many postpones under consideration, this situation seems unjustified.

I agree with the self-study part, but remember that at this moment, the obligatory courses affects only Master's degrees.
You have got so many certifications. Phew!

I think that anyone with enough willpower can get whatever Java certificate he wants :-) So - good luck mate!

Hi Pedro,

Having just looked again at the last chapter in HFSJ and the exam topics from Oracle it seems that there will be fewer pattern related questions with a focus solely on the MVC architecture. Was this your experience in the exam? You mentioned you encountered some pattern questions above, were they all MVC related?

Also I see no mention of Classic vs Simple custom tags in the exam topics. Did you get any questions in this area in your exam? Perhaps this topic has also been de-emphasised in the new exam.

Hope the EJB exam study is going well for you. ;)

Cheers B.
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I am pretty sure that there was not questions regarding the simple vs classic tags. The only questions about the custom tags was about the TLD's or the usage - not about the implementation or any low-level things.

And when it comes to patterns... I can't tell for sure what was on the exam (I simply don't remember this part :-( but the questions were not difficult at all. It's not like a advanced GOF questions but rather simple ones which makes sure you understand what should be used where.


Congratulations and thanks for the tips

short called: OCEJEE6JSPSD ;-) with 84%.

congratulations champion !!
No,there are no DRAG N DROP question....
Congrats Piotr
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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