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How to call a popup using html:link
Hi All,
I have one problem, I have one scenario where i have <html:file> which must be uploaded and processed. Once the processing is done i need to show the result on a pop up screen. On click of the popup i must show the file upload screen.In this case i need to submit the form as i have to pass the formFile object to the action class and at the same time open a popup on click of <html:link>. Can any one help me to solve this issue. I will be thankful.

Thanks in advance
Raghuveer Mandal
One possible way to do this would be to set some sort of flag variable in the session to indicate that the file has been uploaded successfully. Have your upload Processing Action set the flag and whatever data you want displayed in the session and forward back to the upload page. In the on load event of the <body> tag, if the update flag is present, use the JavaScript window.open() method to open the popup window and display the result. When the user closes the popup window, the upload page is still displayed.
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