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issues concerning a login system in java

I have a problem. In one of my projects i need to create a login system based on MD5 logic but the issue is that
i have no clue on how to approach an solution to this problem mainly because my knowledge concerning this topic
is very limited so far i am using google as a book on this subject but what i need is some enlightment on how this
stuff concerning login systems for applications really works in the real world so that i may start form a good point
of origin using this thread to solve my problem. The login system should work as when you login here at the ranch.
I hope i have understood it correctly that one have to use MD5 logic and classes found in the java.security packages
to accomplish this. Can someone post links to good articles or code samples for this entry i'd be very greatful for
any tips or ideas given here.

merry easter to all!
What is your problem exactly? The MessageDigest class has most of the logic you'll need.

Wouter Oet wrote:What is your problem exactly? The MessageDigest class has most of the logic you'll need.


so far i am just on the planning stage. i have in mind a system in which a want to password protect certain user entries from
forms in say like a movie database application. i want to be able to offer the user a possibility to protect a certain title with a
password so that this title is only shown after the user has logged in with the required username and password information.
this is the picture i have in mind anyway. i hope i have made it a little clearer. i find it difficult to describe things clearer in
english maybe my flow in writing in english isn't that good. i hope its clearer now what and why i want to use a login system for now. i will
look into the message digest class a bit more and experiment with it.

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