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I just wanted to know what is wrong in the above code ?
It is throwing this error : Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem
An error like "unresolved compilation problem" probably means that you have some old *.class files somewhere and that the compiler gets confused. Delete all your *.class files and re-compile everything again.

What is wrong: Look at lines 2 and 5. What do you think could be wrong there?
i think overriding of same functions is not possible in same class....am i correct??
Yes. Overriding can only be done by subclasses.
You are doing overloading not overriding.

mallikarjun don wrote:You are doing overloading not overriding.

He is doing neither.
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You have two doit() methods - the same name, the same arguments. When you call doit() (without arguments) on an A object, how is Java supposed to know which of the two to call?
oh,my god.you define tow same methos in the same class.
if you want override a method.you first have to inherit another class.
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