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in the final countdown
Hi to all,

I have working in all documents required for SCJ..... and have the next sizes :

Javadoc : 1.53Mb
choices: 25k (about 450 lines)
userguide :5k (about 100 lines)
version : 1k jeje,

I am in close in any values or all is relative?

I had similar values

Already I have create the submission.jar that contains the next

+++my project packages

+++my javadoc for each package


for run the application only is needed the next line commands:
(stand alone mode) >runme.jar alone
(server mode) >runme.jar server
(remote mode) >runme.jar

I need any more, or correct ?

don't you have to include the instructions anymore?

Roel De Nijs wrote:don't you have to include the instructions anymore?

sorry but I do not understand, the instructions?

... in my assigments say the next :
• A directory called docs, containing the following items at the top level:
- These instructions.
- A subdirectory called javadoc, containing HTML/Javadoc documentation for all classes and interfaces you are submitting.
- A file called choices.txt that containing pure ASCII (not a word processor format) text describing the significant design choices you made.

Ok , so I need add in docs, my assignment, but who name the file? instructions.html?

Before there used to be a file named instructions.html, however now its on the web, so you should just rename those instructions to instruction.html and include them. I have also included txt copy as far as I remember, just in case.
Ok, so I add to my assignment.jar my instructions in a instruction.html and instruction.txt file

is ok?
Yes. And both of them have to be inside docs folder.

Elchin Asgarli wrote:Yes. And both of them have to be inside docs folder.

Ok added in docs folder!
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