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Why and when to override data method in Action script using flex comp or event ?

override public function set data(valuebject):void {

This is usually used in ItemRenderer.

For complete understanding read the blog.


List of check boxes with labels. Values retuned from the server are date of birth.

12-12-2010 <check box>
12-11-2010 <check box>
12-10-2010 <check box>
12-05-2010 <check box>

intead of above we want to show.

10 years old <check box>
5 years old <check box>
2 years old <check box>
8 years old <check box>

set data() can be used for this purpose.

e.g - 2

Values returned from teh server are first name and last name and you want to show them as one label.

set data() can be override to display the First Name , Last Name as one string.

Hope this will help.

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