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Directory Watch feature and Socket Server
Darrel, thanks for your recent response on that other question on Swing GUI and the nio directory watch feature.

I'm still not clear if I want a Swing GUI or a console mode program. Let's assume I want a console mode program.

Can I write a single threaded console mode program that blocks simultaneously for
(1) directory changes
(2) Socket clients trying to connect to our listen socket
(3) socket clients sending or receiving data?
(4) key strokes from keyboard?

If not, what threads have to be created? Do I need separate threads for the listen socket, one thread for each data socket client, another thread for directory changes and yet another thread for keyboard listener?

I know how to do this with a single main thread with *nix/C++ with the select function and with c++/windows you have spawn a child thread to listen for keystrokes.

I like groovy. I think the code for java and groovy would be almost identical?

I don't think I need multiple threads for performance. I just need to accommodate the APIs.

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