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Reading uploaded file in jsp
Hi friends,

i have to show the text file content in web page. user browse file and click read button.
the code that handle file is as shown below.

it works fine but it shows some file properties in begining its like "Content-Disposition: form-data; name="uploadfile"; filename="newicon_Qurey.txt"Content-Type: text/plain"

is there any easy way to remove those string from my output?

Thanks in advance...
You are not reading the multi-part request properly. Reading a multi-part request is actually quite involved (prior to Servlets 3, at least) and no one tries to do it on their own. Rather, they employ on of the popular 3rd-party libraries. See the FAqs for links and tips.
thanks Bibeault ,

could you please say where should i look for ... i searched in FAQ but not found any thing
See: FileUpload
i looked there but failed to correct my code,

Jomy George wrote:i looked there but failed to correct my code,

This does not give us any useful information.
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