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Container tracking sessions
I ran across a question in a practice test: "How can you make sure that the container tracks sessions for you web application using SSL?"

With the correct answer as:
Add the following to the web.xml:

However, another of the responses could have been:
Add the following to the web.xml:

I'm not sure why the second one is wrong. Any ideas?
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Hi Doron Vett,

Interesting question and to be honest: I didn't know that the <tracking-mode> element existed. I had a quick look what the Servlet 3.0 specs say about it and I couldn't find anything apart from the element in the xsd itself.

This is what the specs say about SSL and session tracking:

7.1.2 SSL Sessions
Secure Sockets Layer, the encryption technology used in the HTTPS protocol, has a built-in mechanism allowing multiple requests from a client to be unambiguously identified as being part of a session. A servlet container can easily use this data to define a session.

So I guess the tracking mode element is not always needed...


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