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How to log onto Oracle CertView?

I have submitted both my assignment & essay in June 2011. I never tried to log onto CertView, because I thought the Pearson Vue page would be enough. But since I have not received my results, yet I tried to log on to Oracle CertView.....but how do I do this???

---> (1) What would be my CertView username and password??? I tried my testing ID and my pearson Vue user name, but both failed....
---->(2) I then tried to create a new account and expected that at some point I would be asked to enter my testing ID, but there was nothing apart from my personal details...
Hence, I cannot see any certification history....(...

So, does anybody know how i can log onto certview and view my certification history??...Do I really need it, or will I be notified by email or via PearsonVUE??....

Thanks a lot for your help.
Hi, log into https://education.oracle.com/pls/eval-eddap-dcd/ocp_interface.home via an usual oracle account. On first login, it asks for a Pearson VUE testing ID and some other information like your name and city you live. If Pearson VUE created a duplicate account for you, you wouldn't see your certification history. In order to merge your accounts, you need to send an e-mail to pearson vue.

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