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How many people are currently waiting for the result of the exam
How many people are currently waiting for the result of the exam?

Please increment the counter if you are and decrement the counter if you receive the result.
I am waiting for the result, so the initial counter becomes:

Let's say I will increment the counter, and then another person does, and another and so on. What's the point?
To have a general ideal of how many people are eagerly waiting for the result.
I am waiting.. Counter = 2.

Krishna Jonnalagadda wrote:I am waiting.. Counter = 2.

Me too.
I submitted my assignment on 25 August and Essay on 27 August.
Counter = 3
waiting for results.
I submitted my assignment on 2nd August and Essay on 2nd August.
Counter = 4
I think I should add one more category where I fall...
Have the certificate details available in Oracle's CertView (Part 2 Pass and can able to publish my certification details to third party) but not received a PASS mail from from Oracle!!!
Counter = 5 (essay submitted on 27 Set)
Counter = 6 (essay submitted on June 17th)
Counter = 7 (Essay submitted on Sep 17th and Assignment on Sep 16th)
Counter = 8 (essay submitted on 23 July)
Counter = 9 [Essay - 27th Aug Assignment - Wireless Phone Company]
counter 10 , essay submitted 27th aug , team doctor
Counter = 11 (essay submitted on 22step Wireless Phone Company)
Counter =12 (30th Sep Essay & 26th sep Assignment)
Decrementing the counter, I could see my result in PearsonVue website in score report PDF and in certification view website : http://certview.oracle.com/ as well.

Now, Counter = 12 -1 = 11 (Essay on Sep 17th and Assignment uploaded on Sep 16th)
which assignement did you have Ganesh?

which assignement did you have Ganesh?

Big Smoke Cigar
Counter =12 (22th June Essay & 23th June Assignment, Big Smoke)
Counter =13
Counter = 14 (9th of June uploaded assignment and 13th of June exam, Dreamcar)
Counter =15 (June 29th, Factory Homes)

Counter =16 (Aug 26th 2011, Factory Homes)
Counter = 17 (19th Sept Assignment, 21st Sept Essay, Big Smokes) still waiting
Counter 18 (Essay on 4th July, Factory Homes)
Counter 19 (Essay on 23th August, submit project on 22th June, Team Doctor)
Counter 20 (Essay on 26th August, Dreamcar).
Decrementing counter: 20 -1 = 19.

I got the much awaited email from Oracle this morning and i see the status updated in Cert View..I've cleared the Architect Assignment and Exam.

Part 1: 01-Nov-2010
Part 2: 28-Sep-2011
Part 3: 29-Sep-2011

Result Email: 16-Oct-2011

Assignment: Big Smokes
Counter += 1 (Counter = 20) (essay submitted on 15 October)
(Counter = 21)
Part1 Sept 14
Part2 Sept 27
Part3 Sept 29

Assignment - Wireless Phone Company

counter = 22

Part 2 - 27 Sep
Part 3 -28 Sep

Counter = 23

Part 2 = 27 Sept
Part 3 = 28 Sept
So far, we have 23 people waiting for the results. It is going to be November by now, I wonder if we all can get a result by the end of 2011.
counter = 24 (essay on June 21, team doctor)


Part 2 - 2011.08.24 (Gemstone)
Part 3 - 2011.08.27


Counter = 26

Part 2 = 27 Sept (Big Smoke Cigar)
Part 3 = 30 Sept

Counter = 27

Part 2 = 20 Jul (Big Smoke Cigar)
Part 3 = 8 Aug
Decrementing the counter, after "just" 18 weeks of email checking and waiting I've received the congratulations email today.
Counter = 26
Counter = 27 (essay submitted on 22 September Big Smokes)
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