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How Do I Create An Array That "Backs" a List?
The is question 6d from the "OCP Practice Exams" by K&B page 151

6.d Create a List of Longs. Create an array that "backs" the List. Change a value in the List and display the contents of the array. Change a value in the array and display the contents of the List. Attempt to add a new entry to the List.

I believe that I was able to create a List that backs an array by using the asList() method, but I don't know how to create an array that backs a list.

Thanks for reading my post.

-- Kaydell
It just means to create the List of Longs by creating a Long[] array and then using Arrays.asList.

The first lines of Arrays.asList javadoc:

Returns a fixed-size list backed by the specified array. (Changes to the returned list "write through" to the array.)

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