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Reading env-entry in Jax-ws web service
I am having some issues reading an env-entry from within a @WebService annotated class on Glassfish 3.1,

here is the relevant code


the sun-javaws.xml is the following

here is the service impl

if i comment out the configPath declaration i get the following exception

Exception while deploying the app [TestApp] : No matching injection setter method or injection field found for injection property configPath on class test.TestService for component dependency Env-Prop: configPath@Method-Injectable Resource. Class name =test.TestService Method =null@java.lang.String@/opt/project/conf@@Path to ExternalConfiguration Files
java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: configPath

if i leave it in the implementation, the exception isn't thrown but the value is never set. Im sure this is a simple problem but for some reason I cannot seem to work through it. Also, no difference was made if I annotated the field with @Resource

Have you tried adding a setConfigPath method taking a parameter of the type string?
Since you use injection with the deployment descriptor you do not need to annotate neither the field nor the setter method.
Best wishes!

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