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Struts 2 JSON double select
Hi ppl..

I'm trying to run an example I took from the net using JSON. I am using Netbeans 6.9

I followed all the steps of the example, I put all plugin lib folder and everything, but when I run I catch this error:

Classe JsonSample.java



Any help...
Any help on this issue please?
Are you getting the exact error message as above? Does your code look exactly like Armondo's? Since he posted this three years ago he probably isn't coming back to help and I don't want to spend my time debugging his problem if your problem is different.
As for Armondo's situation, the error states that the return type "json" is unknown:
Caused by: The Result type [json] which is defined in the Result annotation on the class [class struts2.actions.JsonSample] or determined by the file extension or is the default result type for the PackageConfig of the action, could not be found as a result-type defined for the Struts/XWork package [struts2.actions#convention-default#]

His configuration is wrong somewhere. What does your code look like?
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