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Hi All,

After a long waiting of 9 weeks finally I received the email from Oracle on Dec 08 2011 saying that I have passed the OCMJEA exam. Finally I achieved the highest certification in Java. I would like to Thank everyone in this forum for their guidance.

Here are my details
Part I: August 27, 2011 Score 85%
Part II: Sept 22, 2011 Score 149/160
Part III: Sept 27, 2011

Result: Dec 08, 2011 Passed

@ Shashi Kulkarni very very congrats dear
i am also looking for this certification , so can you please share your experience
a bit more....
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Thanks Deepak and best luck for your certification.

I started the study in Feb 2011 and in March 2011 I came to know that Oracle is coming up with mandatory training. So I started serious study and managed to give Part I of exam on August 27 2011. Since the mandatory training date was approaching I had to hurry in completing the assignment. I downloaded the assignment on August 29 (Big Smokes Cigar Shop) and worked on it daily 2-3 hrs. Submitted the assignment on Sept 22 2011 and gave Part III. I followed the "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java™ EE Study Guide" Second edition by Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil. For Part II, I did exactly what is mentioned in this study guide. I also referred forum on Java Ranch and some blogs. Since I am working as architect from last 1.5 yrs I could also apply my experience in the assignment.

Hope this helps...
thanks dear for your kind support and quick response...
really it will help me a lot.....
but actually i am not confident about second part(assignment) of exam.....
help me more about it...
thanks again
What is your assignment? What help are you expecting?
Congrats and keep up the good work
I also just got the results!!! YAY!!!

Part 1 - June 3rd 2011 - 85%

Part 2 - September 20th - 150

Part 3 - September 29th.

Congratulations Premkumar

What was your assignment? Can you share your experience?
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