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Deployment Diagram

Just wondering if anybody knows how much detail you are supposed to include on the deployment diagram for the non-J2EE systems that form part of the solution.

So for example you might have an LDAP server for authentication or a mail server for sending emails, is it enough to just make a box with 'LDAP server' or 'Mail Server' on it, or do you need to specify vendor and hardward configuration?


In the component diagram which I submitted in my assignment, I had mentioned only the name on the box like 'LDAP server' or 'Mail Server'. But I had also mentioned the protocol which will be used to connect to these servers. I did not mention the vendor and hardware configuration. Refer "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java™ EE Study Guide" by Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil, it has these details.

Hope this helps.
Cool thanks - I've already specified the protocols, just wasn't clear from the information I've read whether you have to give hardware for everything or just the j2ee/database parts. At least thats one less thing to worry about!
Yes, I second Shashi's answer. LDAP and protocol is enough. As you said we need to provide the hardware configurations for SuD only which is J2ee(web/app server, etc) and databases we plan to use in our SuD.

All the best for your submission.

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