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SCJD upload assignment
i have downloaded my scjd assignment in 2007 and until now i haven't upload my assignment yet. it has been 4 years, is it still possible for me to upload the assignment?
my assignment topic is url bird. And i have done the essay part in 2007.
Sorry if i am repeating this question, just want to make sure before going forward with my assignment.

Thank you
So you take the essay exam without having completed the assignment? How can you answer questions about your assignment before finishing it

I'm afraid you won't be able to upload your assignment anymore, because assignments prior to 2009 are retired I believe. And since October 1, 2011 you also have to follow a mandatory course in order to be able to complete this certification. But I would try my luck and contact Oracle to explain your situation, maybe you are lucky and they let you upload your assignment without extra costs.

Good luck!
Hi Roel,
I have almost finished my programming assignment, but at that time i am still not sure if what i have done is right. and i am back to my country for 4 years and i leaved my programming assignment(almost 80% i have finished). Could you please help me to refer to the link where oracle has announced about the termination of the url bird assignment?
Anyway, i will contact oracle as you suggest to explain my situation.
I appreciate any further suggestion from others ..

Thank you
Here you can read the following:

The assignment exam should be #310-252A and it must have been purchased after January 2008. If you don't have your assignment purchase email, you can refer to the date you purchased your assignment and the assignment was issued. Valid assignments must have been issued after January 2008. Any assignment that was issued prior to this date is no longer valid as it was for a retired certification track.

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