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MidiEvent Issues.
Hey everyone,

I'm currently working through a tutorial on how to draw graphics in time with music and the first step in this tutorial
is to simply learn how to build a static utility method that makes a message and returns a midi event. The problem I'm having is that
my makeEvent method doesn't return a midiEvent but from what I can tell I've done it the right way. I'm still learning a lot about Java and really can't tell where I have gone wrong.
Below is my code.

Thanks in advance if anyone can offer any help


Welcome to the Ranch

You are making problems for yourself by having an empty catch block. Put something in there, eg ex.printStackTrace(); if you suffer an Exception you will never know about it and not know what the problem was.
I tried your code and it ran. I got sounds out of it.

By the way, your for loop doesn’t run from 5 to 61, b ut from 5 to 57.

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