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If you take too long to type a question, you lose everthing you wrote
This is a really great site, but I have one frustration with it. If I start a new post and take awhile making sure that my question is as carefully constructed as I can make it, I'm often timed out of the site. So I hit submit to submit my post and am greeted with a request to log in again. That would be fine EXCEPT, my posting is lost. Needless to say, having to repeat a half hour of typing, my second go around is terser and probably less clear than the first time around. My e-mail times out sometimes, but if I try to send an e-mail and need to log back in to the e-mail application, it still sends the e-mail, it doesn't lose it. Would it be possible to implement that improvement on your site? I'm going to submit this quickly, so I don't need to type it in again! Thanks for listening.
If you're using Firefox, there's a plugin or add-on called Lazarus that lets you recover stuff you started typing into a form and then lost when a different page loaded. Where I work, we use a horrible issue tracking system called Target Process, and I used to get bit by that all the time when entering notes on a fix I had made.
Have you considered checking the "Remember me" checkbox when you login?
Yes, but it didn't help. I was logged on, I just stayed on too long before I started writing the post and I was logged out.
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Maybe you are doing something wrong? I haven't been required to login in months
I think AJAX is implemented on reply page (so session should not time out). Also I have noticed the tab(where javaranch is open) flickering many times.

Also, in my case remember me is checked.
I opened a 'new post' window yesterday. typed in a little bit...the minimized that window for 2 hours. When I restored it, I hit the 'post it' button and had no issues at all.

I am using Chrome on XP, if that makes any difference.
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Why should you try IntelliJ IDEA ?

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