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jQuery and HTML Form
I have a regular JSP, and inside the form tags I have regular buttons and text boxes... I want to add a jquery dialog taht will coem up after I click a button next to an exisiting one.
My jquery logic works outside the form tags, where the button will display a dialog, but when adding this button inside the form it doesn't work. ANy ideas??
Have you verified that the click handler for the button is firing when the button is moved?

The most likely cause of any weirdness such as this is usually malformed and invalid HTML markup. Have you validated the HTML?
I think people can help you better if you post the code here.
If the values or content of the button is not involved in the form submission and its sole purpose is just to display a dialog box, it should work even if it is outside the form tags.

Make sure your JQuery event handler is declared correctly.
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