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New to Java
Hi Dear Ranches,

Am new to Java... Know some basics.... I need to strong in Java...

Give me some tips... How to prepare.... Hot to do coding.....

Hope surely you will help me.

Best place to check would be Oracle's Java tutorials. Apart from that, this might help.
Thank You Anayonkar

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Welcome to the Ranch.

I have edited your post above to remove the contact details to thwart possible spammers. Also, we prefer the discussions to happen on the forums instead of emails so that everyone benefits from it.

I am moving this topic to a more suitable forum, where beginner level questions are usually discussed
As for me, Head First Java is good choice. But reading is not enough. You have to do exercises, lot of them. For examle, this exercises were interesting and useful for me.
I have been independently studying Java for 4 months and after I got my first work in Java.
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Loges waran wrote: Hot to do coding.....

I think it is a typo . *Hot instead of How by the way: deep coding makes you hot ;)
Thanks friends...

Now i will start to prepare Java codes.
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