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Related to Transferring data from struts action class to another action class
Struts Doubt:

I have a data(like String site="abcd" in one action class. And I want to use that String in another action class at later time. So what should I do in order to do that. Anyone in this forum can help me please.
you should remove that data from the Action class and put it somewhere that is easily accessible.

Static data such as "abcd" can be stored in the application's Servlet configuration file and can be retrieved from code in Struts-based Action classes using a ServletContext method.
Thank you for your reply. It is not static data I just gave you an example. Actually the data is coming from the database in to the action class so that data after some time I want to use it in other action class so that based on that data I want to perform some SQL operations in that action class. Please reply.
There are a few different ways to share data. A close study of the Servlet API should help.

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