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How to configure weblogic
Can any one let me know what can i answer for above question.... like an interviewer asked me this question...
Thanks for your time
Well the answer would depend on what you mean by "configure".
Simply install the server? Install web applications to the server?
Make the server work in a clustered environment? etc.

And please CarefullyChooseOneForum to ensure you get the right answers.
What would be the answer for "how to Install web applications to the server??"
Thanks for your time
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Hi Meenakshi,

Well, installing a web application to the server is a little more specific.

By server, I suppose you mean weblogic server, correct?

A web application can be installed on the weblogic server either through console or you put it in the auto-deploy folder of a wls installation, etc.

While installing an application, you get to choose if the application is to installed as a library or an application itself.

This discussion can go on.

Here is a more helpful link.

Go through it, try it out and post us the hurdles that you come across. I am sure someone or other will be here, around to help you out.
Thank you.
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