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How send Control Charcter like Control Y in java

How do I send "Ctrl+Y" character to output Stream. I want this to be sent programmatically to a device.

Are you talking about the ASCII control character "end of medium" i.e 0x19 ?
yes, I think so. What I am trying is to develop is a telnet client which can talk to device.

If I telnet to the device using putty, device prompts me to send "Ctrl + Y " through keyboard. Now, I have written some java code to telnet to device, I am able to connect but it wants me to send "Ctrl + Y" through code and I have no idea how to do it.

How can send "end of Medium" code to outStream ?
Have you tried simply sending a byte representing the appropriate value (0x19)?
Should be easy to test using OutputStream.write(int).
you should be able to simply write the byte that represents it - the 0x19 Jelle already mentioned:

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