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HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery website template, can't get the pop-ups to work
This is a free template I am trying to adapt for a personal portfolio:

I have edited the original template and uploaded it HERE
This is the style.css:

On the menu on the right, the template originally comes with three links - ME, MY WORK and CONTACT; when clicked, a Java pop-up shows the content of the links.

However I need two more links - RESUME and REFERENCES.

The pop-ups are defined in a separate file called pop-ups.js:

I have added the respective code in pop-ups.js for the two additional menu entries that I need, and also in index.html so they show on the webpage,
in style.css along with the code for the three pop-ups that work "out of the box".

The problem is that after all done, when I click on ANY of the two new entries I added (be it References or Resume) - no pop-up shows...

The two articles - References and Resume - are defined in index.html as such:

Here is the modified section from style.css - I added just two entries in each line (popupResume and popupReferences, etc):

And these are the two paragraphs I added to pop-outs.js:

I am not that good w/ Java so any help will be greatly appreciated, TIA!
Java and JavaScript are entirely different and the code which you are referring to is JavaScript, moving this thread to Javascript forum.
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