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Which java class of jforum calculate the totalOnlineUsers
Hello, in file forum_list.htm get the number of users online call to I18n.getMessage {$ ( "ForumListing.numberOfUsersOnline" [totalOnlineUsers, totalRegisteredOnlineUsers, totalAnonymousUsers])}. Where are these variables defined , which java classc alculates the value of these variables? Can I get the number of administrators or users of the general group?
[originally posted on jforum.net by ocb]
Sorry, I have found the answer in forum, the java class is net/jforum/view/forum/ForumAction.java, but yet I dont know to get the admin user number, or the general number user, how can i get it? thanks.

Sorry for my English.
[originally posted on jforum.net by ocb]
Generating online user counts from the DB information takes a LOT of queries to determine. This slows down the page displays and scalability greatly. For this reason, these numbers are actually managed via a set of "in memory" cache Classes that are initialized on startup and updated as people come and go.

These cache objects (ForumRepository & SessionFacade) only have a limited number of stats that are tracked. The ones you mention are not available.
[originally posted on jforum.net by monroe]
Okay, thanks for answering
[originally posted on jforum.net by ocb]
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