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Storing bits and pieces of a text file using buffered reader
suppose i have a text file with several lines
3/3/3, 3,3,3
etc... how do i store the part with the 3/3/3 in a seperate array and the remaining numbers in different arrrays Like how can i take each part of the text and store it in diferent arrays. I know i can use the split statement but then what? plzz help
thanks in advance
You probably need to split statements here. Assuming that a variable called line contains the value.

leila la wrote:plzz help

Please UseRealWords <-- link
Ok Darry Burke, so sorry about that!

Thanks Swastik Dey, but what do you mean that the variable called line contains the value. What sort of value are you referring to here?
Thank you for replying!

I found this code and was hoping someone could explain what was going on, it could help me.
Have you looked at this method?

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