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dynamically created multiple dynamic selects
Hi guyz.
I have a huge prob. It may look simple to you guyz. Its hard for me because I am using ajax which I am not aware of. Please guide me a little.

I dynamically added few elements. In those one is chekbox, a textfield and two select's. One select is loaded based on selection of first. Till here its fine. The problem is when i add next row of same elements and try to change the value of newly added element, the first select(2) values changes. Which should only change when I change the select of first select only. I would also like to know how can I retrieve the values of these dynamically created elements with jsp. The Ajax and my HTML code is given below.


item.jsp (this is used to populate based on selected value)

Hope I am clear and looking for anyone's reply on this issue.
Ajax is like alien language

Thanks and Regards
Posting server-side JSP code isn't very helpful to solve JavaScript questions.

Please pare the code down to an SSCCE that shows the problem with no server-side JSP code.

I'd also adopt jQuery to do the Ajax for you. Much simpler.
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