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having problems developing Struts in Exadel studio pro

I am new to exadel studi pro. Can some one please guide me what to do.

I have Exclipse 3.2.2 installed on my machine. I have to delelop a project in struts. SO, I downloaded Exadel 4.0.4b. I unzipped the file. And then I created a links folder in Eclipse home and created a new test file with name as "com.exadel.studio.link.txt" which has the below text in it.

After that I started Eclipse

C:\software\eclipse>eclipse -clean

When I trying to open Exadel struts pro perspective I am getting following error.
"problem opening perspective "com.exadel.web.ui.Exadel4WebPerspective"

While trying to create a new struts project in Exadel 4.0, I am getting this exception.
"The Selected Wizard could not be started.
Plugin com.exadel.jsf.ui was unable to load class

Can anyone please help?
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