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reading values from pojo and setting
i have to set fields for user form where the user values come from a user object(i.e from Web service) and i have xml containing field name and schema name to set with that i have field name that is in user object like
<Username>--->refers to name in object
<schema name>--->to schema name i have to set
<field name>--->field name
how cani read values from pojo and set to that particluar field from xml

If you mean to say how to write values from POJO to xml then you need to set the values from POJO into xml.
if you want to add any values from pojo into it then you need to use xml Parser with which you can add values into xml..
Good Example is http://www.mkyong.com/java/how-to-create-xml-file-in-java-dom/

Hope this will help you.


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