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Access Xml node values
<form action="http://localhost:7003/MultiMPI/Authenticate" method="post">
<textarea name="xmlData" cols=90 rows=90>
<field name='OTP2' value='360055' />
<br><input type="submit" value="Request">

how can i get value 360055?
Using XSLT surely able to get the necessary values. However, does your form data follow a DTD or XML Schema? With such doc you can jump to the node or tag you need.
I am able to access all the nodes value by using

NodeList requestID = element.getElementsByTagName("request-id");
Element line = (Element) requestID.item(0);

but using same how can i get the value of

<field name='OTP2' value='360055' />

so what element are you on, <auth-data> or <field>? The actual value you need is in the field element with the attribute "value".

You may want to check out this link which is similar to what you should be getting at.
If you know getElementsByTagName well, you can continue to use one step further. Off-hand like this?
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