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dispatcher.forward is very slow?
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Hello programmers,

I have a JSP/servlet application running on a glassfish server with mysql database.
The problem is that my application runs too slow. I debugged for hours to find out the problem where the application slacks...

Everytime my debugpoint passes the request.dispatch from Servlet to JSP, it takes 2-3 seconds. Is this normal?
Could this be the reason that my jsp page loads 2-3 seconds after a response from a servlet?
In my servlet, I generate 4 session attributes, in total they contain approximiate 200 properties.
Are these properties maybe the reason why my dispatch loads slow?

in other words: Is the dispatch.forward the problem? Or does a heavy session attribute slacks my applications? or is the attribute only being called when i mention session.getattribute("")

Thank you everyone for reading
It's unlikely that the forward itself, or the small session footprint is causing any performance issues. How are you measuring this time? If it's by when something appears in the browser, any issue are much more likely to be in the JSP or on the browser side.

What's in the JSP?
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