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unable to send an email and update Database at a time

I've the below code in my servlet for updating database.

and the below for sending E-Mail

these servlets are working fine when i use them separately, but when i use them combined by putting the first one in post and the second one in get methods it is giving me output as "Err"(the one i defined for updating the data).

could you please help me how do i get these things work.

the jsp i used is as below.

The <form> element in your HTML sends a request to the server. That's "a" request -- one single request. This request should be directed to a servlet which validates and handles the form parameters, not to a JSP.

If the <form> element has type="post" then the doPost() method of the servlet will be called, and if it has type="get" then the doGet() method will be called. Your design should choose the type parameter appropriately.

So that means that the servlet which the <form> element requests should have code in either doPost() or doGet() to handle the request, but not in both of them.
Hi Paul,
thanks for the suggestion, based on it i've updated the code as below but now i'm getting some other error.

Jsp is:

The servlet is as below.


when i run this program i'm getting the below error.

Also could you please suggest me how to see how the servlet workflow goes. I use Netbeans IDE.

Rakesh Keerthi wrote:based on it i've updated the code as below but now i'm getting some other error.

Keeping the nature of the error a secret is not a good way to get help on it.
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