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PearsonVue Error
So I went there to do step 2 of 2 (e.g. the essay). All questions were questions directly related to your project such that there was nothing hard about it. It was more just answering questions/info similar to your choices.txt.

However, after I answered my handful of questions and clicked submit, I checked the following Monday on the PearsonVue website and saw my test status as "ERROR". I called the test center and they said there was an error uploading my test results to the PearsonVue Hub. They submitted a ticket to track the issue and indicated it will be 3-5 days until someone contacts me with the results of "fixing" the problem.

I sure hope they didn't loose my answers such that I would have to retake it.

So my question is:

A. Has anyone ever had to retake the essay?

B. Has anyone had this problem before?


A. Under normal circumstances you never have to retake the essay exam. If you fail, you'll only have to resubmit the assignment (and you don't have to retake the essay exam again).

B. I'm a regular visitor of this forum since January 2009 and it's the 1st time I hear this story. So as far as I know this problem is quite unique
...and welcome to JavaRanch, Josh!
Hey Roberto,

Thanks for the welcome. Your posts and insight into the project were really helpful.

Roel, that goes for you too.

Well, hopefully they can get it all figured out. I will let you guys know what happens.

So the error that i was seeing on the pearsonvue website was "normal". After they researched it for a week, because they were as baffled as I was, they came to understand that it was normal because the results had to be sent to Oracle to be paired with my project and graded. It would have been great if someone from pearsonvue had understood that and saved me time from tech support phone calls and stress.

I received my results in about 4 weeks in which I passed. Hooray!

Thanks for the help.
Glad to hear it 's all sorted it out now. And great news to hear you nailed this certification!

Now definitely time to relax from all the hard work and stress, have a beer (or more than 1)
Congrats Josh
Congrats for the achievement, champion!

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