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Java classpath,class not found error
I have directory c:\RMI\src\java\rmiExample

Under this directory there are two classes which belong to same package rmiExample.

There is a Hello.java class and HelloInterface.java class

Hello.java implements the HelloInterface.java interface.

But when I compile the Hello.java from command prompt from c:\RMI\src\java\rmiExample directory I get error that can not find symbol HelloInterface

Not sure why java is unable to locat ehte interface if both the class and the interface are in the same package and directory.

Any pointers?


What is your classpath?
Do any of those classes have package declarations?
Here is the java code


Campbell Ritchie wrote:What is your classpath?
Do any of those classes have package declarations?

My CLasspath is: C:\RMI\src\java\rmiExample
Classpaths can be tricky, especially once you start using packages ... which you should always do of course. Here, if you compile both classes at once it should work:

* rmiExample > javac *.java

But if you want to compile the interface first, then you'll have to give a classpath when compiling Hello.java, and the classpath entry in this case is the the directory above rmiExample:

* rmiExample > javac -cp .. Hello.java

When the compiler sees a reference to rmiExample.HelloInterface, it looks for the class file in an rmiExample directory relative to each entry in the classpath.
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