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A question for the recent SCJP/OCP JP exam takers
Do the testing facilities in the US still provide pencils and paper, or marker boards, for the exam takers now? I just scheduled to take 1ZO-851 next week. Like K&B suggested in their book, I contacted the testing facility to see if it provides pencils and paper, but the answer is no. Thanks in advance for help.
Contacted PearsonVUE. The new policy for the test centers to provide marker board and a felt tip pen. Pencils and paper are no longer allowed.
Hi, I used the felt tip pen and the board here in India. The experience is the same as writing on paper and pen. There is really no difference except that the "Ink" sticks to your hand is very difficult to remove for some time. Its like marker ink. the board is like a plastic paper. can be erased by hand. (Duster was not provided for me!)
Thanks for the info. In fact, I have been wondering if they provide erasers. I hope they do.

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