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JavaPOS EPSON printer  RSS feed

Sandaruwan Silva
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Hi People,

We are making a POS receipt printing system using EPSON TM-T81 printer. We are working on WIN XP, Java Neatbeans 6.1.

My problem is also posted here,

Please kindly help. Thanks!
Darryl Burke
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Hello Sandaruwan Silva and welcome to the Ranch! Please BeForthrightWhenCrossPostingToOtherSites
daniele licitra
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During the installation there was a step to make a XML file (jpos.xml), We just selected the "use existing file" and also we could not found that XML file (jpos.xml) file in the installation folders. We didn't understand how important that file for connecting POS printer to our program, and also our program does not have any errors.

Hi! I'm working with Epson TM-T90 but I think that the procedure is the same.
You installed Epson javaPOS ADK.
Then, have you run [yourpath]/SetupPOS/SetupPOS.exe? This software build "jpos.xml" for you (you must click "save" for store jpos.xml file).
Copy this file in your project.

That file specify which class implement your PosPrinterService class.
In my case:
<JposEntry logicalName="POSPrinter">
<creation factoryClass="" serviceClass=""/>
<vendor name="SEIKO EPSON" url=""/>
<jpos category="POSPrinter" version="1.13"/>
<product description="EPSON TM-T90 Printer Device Service" name="EPSON Services for JavaPOS(TM) Standard" url=""/>

<!--Other non JavaPOS required property (mostly vendor properties and bus specific properties i.e. RS232 )-->
<prop name="FlowType" type="String" value="1"/>
<prop name="Halftone" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="PhysicalPrinterName" type="String" value="TM-T90"/>
<prop name="NVRAMControlLevel" type="String" value="1"/>
<prop name="LogicalPortName" type="String" value="ESDPRT001"/>
<prop name="Stamp" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="OutputCompleteType" type="String" value="2"/>
<prop name="StatusThreadInterval" type="String" value="100"/>
<prop name="OutputTimeout" type="String" value="500"/>
<prop name="PortType" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="OutputBufferSize" type="String" value="4096"/>
<prop name="UsedNVRAM" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="FirmRecordLog" type="String" value="1"/>
<prop name="ReceiveTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
<prop name="SlpReverseEject" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="PortName" type="String" value="COM1"/>
<prop name="OfflineRetryIntervalTime" type="String" value="25"/>
<prop name="Upos.USB_Serial" type="String" value="false"/>
<prop name="DefaultSlpClampTime" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="epson.trace.file" type="String" value="trace.log"/>
<prop name="StopBits" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="AsyncProcessingSize" type="String" value="2"/>
<prop name="KanjiTwoWaysPrint" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="PulseStep" type="String" value="100"/>
<prop name="PortInterfaceName" type="String" value="Serial"/>
<prop name="U375Compatible" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="BitLength" type="String" value="8"/>
<prop name="Parity" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="preCutterFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="epson.tracing" type="String" value="false"/>
<prop name="epson.trace.max.size" type="String" value="1000"/>
<prop name="RecPaperSize" type="String" value="80"/>
<prop name="DeviceDesc" type="String" value="EPSON TM-T90 POSPrinter"/>
<prop name="PageModeExt" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="SupportStatistics" type="String" value="1"/>
<prop name="OutputErrorOption" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="FirmProgressRange" type="String" value="10"/>
<prop name="SupportFirmware" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="DeviceID" type="String" value="46"/>
<prop name="InputTimeout" type="String" value="100"/>
<prop name="AutoPowerOff" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="SlpMoreColumns" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="RecPaperType" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="MemorySwitch" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="ReadThreadInterval" type="String" value="-1"/>
<prop name="QueuingOfflineTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
<prop name="TwoColor" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="InitializeThreadTime" type="String" value="1000"/>
<prop name="BaudRate" type="String" value="9600"/>
<prop name="TwoByteCharacter" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="FirmLogFileSize" type="String" value="1000"/>
<prop name="Peeler" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="DefaultCodePage" type="String" value="997"/>
<prop name="ConfigurationFile" type="String" value="epson/xml/Setting/TM-T90Setting.xml"/>
<prop name="DeviceType" type="String" value="1"/>
<prop name="Custom1Color" type="String" value="0xFF0000"/>
<prop name="preEndorseFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="Upos.Spec_c" type="String" value="false"/>
<prop name="LogicalPortInterfaceName" type="String" value="EPuras"/>
<prop name="FirmNotifyAllProgressEvents" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="ReceiveRetryTime" type="String" value="25"/>
<prop name="InitializeResponseTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
<prop name="UsedInterCharacterSet" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="RecMoreColumns" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="PrinterTransmitTimeout" type="String" value="30000"/>
<prop name="WriteThreadInterval" type="String" value="-1"/>
<prop name="preORCBFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="RecNearEndSensor" type="String" value="1"/>
<prop name="LogObject" type="String" value=""/>
<prop name="Cutter" type="String" value="1"/>
<prop name="PhysicalDevice" type="String" value="TM-T90"/>
<prop name="FirmLogFileName" type="String" value="Firmware.log"/>
<prop name="UsedPeeler" type="String" value="0"/>
<prop name="InputBufferSize" type="String" value="84"/>
<prop name="TransmitTimeout" type="String" value="5000"/>
<prop name="OfflineCount" type="String" value="2"/>
<prop name="EPurasSupport" type="String" value="TRUE"/>
<prop name="TransmitRetryTime" type="String" value="100"/>
<prop name="DirectIOEventTimeout" type="String" value="5000"/>

When you exec"printername"), jpos read jpos.xml and search "printername" entry. When it found the entry, it use factoryClass and serviceClass for implement PosPrinter class.
My software find the printer and read some information from it, but when i try to print something i get the error "device is uninitialized" .
If you resolve your problem (and maybe also my problem), please alert here .
Campbell Ritchie
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Welcome to the Ranch Daniele Licitra
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