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Second level menu is not working for mouse click after installing jrE1.7
Hi Guys,
need urgent help.
I have a JAVA Swing application.
After installing JRE1.7 my second level menu items(mainMenu->submenu->menuitem) is not working for mouse event .
they were working good incase of Jre1.6

Divya Kumar
We never use the word urgent. You would have to provide a lot more details before anybody can help.
I have installed JRE1.7 on my machine.I am not getting any kind of exceptions.
But my menus are not working with mouse click but they are working with keyboard .
There is no specific scenario.
My application is Swing application and it's working fine with JRE1.6
That still isn't enough detail, I am afraid.
Hi Rithcie,
I can understand your concern
I am posting a piece of code for reference.
Please let me know if have got any clue.
I think It has some problem but Iam not able to figure it out.
I digged inside the code and find and have following observations

Action performed is not getting called in this case.

Then I tried with mouseListener, And observed that mouse clicked is not fired.
But Mouse pressed got called bot NO mouse released.

I think My menu list is getting disposed before mouse release is fired and hence mouseClicked and actionPerformed is not fired.
Is the problem with the JDK or your code?

Try running the MenuDemo code from the Swing tutorial on How to Use Menus to see what happens.
Thanks Rob,
That what I am trying to figure out bcz Demo code is running fine.
But same code was working fine with JDK1.6.

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