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Issue with remote debug on Weblogic 10.0

I am trying to remote debug an application deployed on Weblogic 10.0 using Intellij IDEA 8.1.2
The application executable (CLASS files) reside on the remote box and the source files (JAVA files) are available on my local box.
(Modules -> Local source files, Libraries -> Remote jar files).

The server has been configured and started in DEVELOPMENT mode.
Am able to start the debugger and connect to the remote JVM.

The problem is that execution does not stop at the breakpoints.

How can this issue be resolved.

I think I was trying to climb up the wrong tree :-D

Using Intellij IDEA I created a new Debug Configuration:
Run/Debug Configurations - + icon - WebLogic Instance
Application Server - I browse to the root folder for the remote WebLogic installation: "Directory '*********/******' is not BEA home"

I am not able to find a BEA_HOME environmental variable on the remote box. Which folder is the root for a WebLogic installation?

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