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problem in adding prime faces jars in eclipse
i am doing prime faces examples , i have downloaded these 2 jars and added these jars as user library, in eclipse while i am editing that xhtml it is not giving any errors, but while running page it s not rendering components in the page.( i am getting empty page)
Diagnosis what i have done

1) unless i have added these jars it wont allow me to add prime faces tags like <p: etc
2)i just checked browser source it is giving prime faces tags as it is , including uri also..

while i am googled for this error ,in one of the blog they told me copy, paste jars in lib folder, i just copied these jars pasted in lib folder , it is woking fine ,

1) if this is the case , why i am not copied jars for jsf , jre etc in lib folder

what went wrong in my case.......
The application's WEB-INF/lib folder contains application-specific libraries. Global libaries are contained elsewhere.

The JRE libraries, for example, are contained within the JVM's own lib directory. The J2EE, JSF and EL libraries (which may in some cases be the same library) are contained in a library directory specific to the webapp server.

Note that there can be some differences here. JSF is part of the JEE specification. Thus, the JSF core jars are part of the webapp server global library set in fully-compliant JEE servers. Tomcat, however, does not implement the full JEE standard. So webapps that use JSF and will be deployed on a Tomcat server must include copies of the JSF api and impl jars within the webapp's WEB-INF/lib directory.

The Primefaces jars are extensions to JSF and not part of the core standard, which is why you always have to include them in WEB-INF/lib.

Eclipse has nothing whatsoever to do with any of the preceding.

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