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whether it should be JSP-JSP (No Servlet) or JSP - Servlet
Hi all. Please forgive me if am putting this question in a wrong forum.
In India, hosting a java web application which has JSP - Servlet combination is much costlier than JSP - JSP application. But I have heard that developing a JSP - Servlet web application is better than developing a JSP - JSP (No Servlets) web application. What should I choose? Please help.!
Indeed, web apps follow the MVC pattern these days, and servlets (or some framework based on them) act as the controller, whereas JSPs (or some similar templating framework) act as the view.

I don't think we can answer your question. It's a tradeoff between good design and the amount of money you are able to spend. How should we weigh that against one another when we have no idea of your financial situation, and no idea what the future life of this web app will be? (By "future life" I mean maintenance and further development - which will be easier with a good design.)

I'm intrigued, by the way: I've encountered many Java hosting providers, and have never seen one where JSP hosting without servlets is cheaper than hosting with servlets. (In fact, I've never encountered one that didn't offer servlets.) Could you post a couple links to providers that do this? I'm really curious.
Please read this article to understand why.

Could you post a couple links to providers that do this? I'm really curious.

Hahahahaha well here they are http://manashosting.com/index.html

They said if I want to host a JSP-Servlet web app then I should purchase a dedicated tomcat server which is costlier
When you are developing the project ..it is better to code based on architectures like MVC.......the maintanace of the project Project become Easy......And also it makes huge difference on your budget in maintenance

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