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JDOM XML parser
Hi! I need to get the ccsid from this XML:

I have:

But I have null pointer exception at line 9.

Please help. thanks.
Well, the root element doesn't have a child which is a <ccsid> element, and therefore calling a method which asks for such an element returns null.

Doesn't JDOM have a method which returns descendant elements (not children) with a given name?
I do not understand.

I have tried:

but there is an error. It says incompatible types: Iterable, IteratorIterable.

Please help . Thanks
Alan Blass wrote:I do not understand.

What is it that you don't understand?
The root element, xml-fragment, has a child tag, vp:vpccsidgeneration, which has a child tag, ccsid.

Isn't that correct?

Please help. Thanks
That is the right approach, only you've to crystalize the detail.
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