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Dale Webb
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Eclipse IDE Java
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Hi all, I have been getting a lot of help from this website. I came across this on the server that my lecturer must've put up. I know it's long but It really helped me. Hope you all get some use of it too

AFC: Application Foundation Classes
AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
ANT: Another Neat Tool
AWT: Abstract Window Toolkit
AWT: Abstract Windowing Toolkit
AWTAPI: Abstract Windows Toolkit-Application Programmer Interface
BMP: Bean-Managed Persistence
BMT: Bean-Managed Transactions
CARDVM: Card Virtual Machine
CLDC: Connected Limited Device Configuration
CMP: Container Managed Persistence
CMT: Container Managed Transactions
EAB: Enterprise Access Builder
ECI: External Call Interface
EJB: Enterprise Java Beans
EPI: External Presentation Interface
FCO: First Class Object
FMA: Federated Management Architecture
GWT: Google Web Toolkit
HLQ: High Level Qualifier
HPJ: High Performance Java
IB4J: Instant BASIC for Java
ICAN: Integrated Composite Application Network
ICAT: Interactive Code Analysis Tool
IDAC: Infobus Data Access Component
IDL: Interface Definition Language
IFC: Internet Foundation Classes
IJH: Initial Java Heap
ILO: Integrated Lights Out
JAAS: Java Authentication and Authorization Service
JAE: Java Application Environment
JAIN: Java API for Integrated Networks
JAOO: Java and Object Orientation
JAP: Java Anon Proxy
JAR: Java Archive
JARS: Java Applet Rating Service
JASS: Javascript-Accessable Style Sheets
JavaOS: Java operating system
JAX: Java API for XML
JAX: Java, Apache, XML
JAX-R: Java API for XML Registries
JAX-RPC: Java API for XML-based Remote Procedure Calls
JAX-WS: Java API for XML-based Web Services
JAXB: Java API for XML Binding
JAXM: Java API for XML Messaging
JAXP: Java API for XML Processing
JAXR: Java API for XML Registries
JAXRPC: Java API for XML-based Remote Procedure Calls
JAXWS: Java API for XML-based Web Services
JBI: Java Business Integration
JCA: Java Connector Architecture
JCA: Java Cryptography Architecture
JCE: Java Cryptographic Extension
JCE: Java Cryptography Extension
JCO: Java Connector
JCP: Java Community Process
JCR: Java Content Repository
JCSC: Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers
JDBC: Java Database Connectivity
JDO: Java Data Objects
JEP: Java Math Expression Parser
JFC: Java Foundation Class
JFC: Java Foundation Classes
JFE: Java Front End
Dale Webb
Posts: 7
Eclipse IDE Java
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Here is the second half. Again, sorry it is so long. I know I could've laid it out a lot nicer Just too busy to give it time at the moment. Anyway, I hope this helps

JIM: JAR Installation Manager
JKS: Java Key Store
JLCA: Java Language Conversion Assistant
JMAPI: Java Management API
JME: Java Micro Edition
JME: Java Monkey Engine
JME: JME Molecular Editor
JMEP: Java Mathematical Expression Parser
JMI: Java Metadata Interface
JML: Java Modelling Language
JMS: Java Messages Service
JMS: Java Messaging Service 
JMX: Java Management extension
JNDI: Java Naming and Directory Interface
JNI: Java Native Interface
JNT: Java Network Technology
JONAS: Java Open Application Server
JPA: Java Persistence API
JSF: java Server Faces
JSGF: Java Speech API Grammar Format
JSON: JavaScript Object Notation
JSP: Java Server Pages
JSPA: Java Specification Participation Agreement
JSSE: Java Secure Socket Extension
JTA: Java Transaction API
JTS: Java Transaction Service
JTS: Java Transaction Services
JVM: Java Virtual Machine
JVMPI: Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface
JWS: Java Web Start
KVM: Kilobyte Virtual Machine
MAJC: Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing
MDA: Model Driven Architecture
MIDP: Mobile Information Device Profile
MMAPI: Mobile Media API
MMI: Mixed Mode Interpreter
MRJ: Macintosh Runtime for Java
MRJ: MacOS Runtime for Java
MRJ SDK: Macintosh Runtime for Java Software Developer Kit
MRJSDK: Macintosh Runtime for Java Software Developer Kit
NCI: Network Computing Interface
OAK: Object Application Kernel
PDS: partitioned data set
POJI: Plain Old Java Interfaces
POJO: Plain Old Java Object
RMI: Remote Method Invocation
RNI: Raw Native Interface
SAAJ: SOAP with Attachments API for Java
SCO: Second Class Object
SDAO: Simulated Data Access Object
SMS: Short Message Service
SQLJ: Structured Query Language - Java
SVK: Self Voicing Kit
TCAF: Thin Client Application Framework
TCF: Thin Client Framework
VAJ: Visual Age for Java
VEP: Visual Editor Project
VTL: Velocity Template Language
WAR: Web Application archive
WFC: Windows Foundation Classes
WSAD: Websphere Studio Application Developer
WSDK: Websphere Software Development Kit
WSTKMD: Web Services Tool Kit for Mobile Devices
XPP: Xml Pull Parser
It is sorta covered in the JavaRanch Style Guide.
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