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Problem with java-rmi.cgi
Hi all!

I know this might not be the correct thread but i give it a try.

My problem is that i can't get my RMI http-to-cgi connection to get going.
My client is running behind a restricted firewall with only HTTP 80 open.
My server is not behind any firewall.

Everytime i'm trying to connect to my webserver it says this:

In my apache error log it says:

In my access log it says:

I've set my socket factory like this:

And my java-rmi.cgi script looks like this:

I can't figure out why i get HTTP 500 everytime...

Maybe my script?
My AUTH_TYPE and QUERY_STRING is always empty, but i do get remote host and port and server.

EDIT: I tried the script in my web browser and it works fine. Doing what it's supose to do. Anyone here that know anything about the java-rmi.cgi script?
Help please!
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Welcome to CodeRanch!

Its nice to see that you are using code tags in your first post itself!

As this question is more specific to RMI-CGI (and not 'Java in General'), I'm moving it to 'Distributed Java' forum.

You can CarefullyChooseOneForum.
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