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Automatic size adjustment to suit the size of the operators monitor
Hi I'm building an application in Netbeans and so far I'm making good progress with it. I have created an animated splash screen in myspacegen.com and then downloaded it as a GUI file. I've then imported it into my application in Netbeans but I was restricted in myspacegens.com to the size of the image I could create. I want to know if it is possible to add code to the splash screen project within Netbeans so that it automatically adjusts to fill the screen. I have used the java commands get width and get height elsewhere in my application so that the window I create in a project automatically adjusts to fill the operator's screen but that has a 'window' to adjust and I do not want my splash screen to have a visible window.

Any help or advice would be appreciated please
Is this splash screen displayed on application startup, if so you may want to look at the java SplashScreen class java.awt.SplashScreen. The splash screen displays at application startup before the JVM loads so it is displayed with virtually no time lag. You specify the image to display in it which can later be changed by your application to an image sized to the screen size. The API docs for the class tell you how to use it.

Alternatively you can have your application display the image in an undecorated window ie no borders or title area so it will fill the screen.
Thanks Tony, I'll give your suggestions a try.
My pleasure. Please let us know how you get on

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