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Eclipse Android Programming/Buttons

**Android Manifest**

That up there is my code. When ever I click the button that code is linked to. my app just crashes. I am very new to android programming so if someone could help me out in simple terms, that would be great

What are you expecting to happen when you click the button widget?
Hi Chung,

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I don't see anything wrong with the code you posted, but it isn't complete. You need to use LogCat to find out what exception or error is happening that causes the crash. If you are using an IDE then there should be a view for LogCat, and if not there is an ADB command to view it.

Also, in the future, please UseCodeTags (<- read link for how), it makes the code easier to read.

Ron McLeod wrote:What are you expecting to happen when you click the button widget?

The reason I asked this question was, after fixing the errors, the behaviour will be that the each time the button is clicked, another instance of the same Activity will be created and placed on the top of the back stack. This is something you wouldn't normally want to do.

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