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help please fix my codes :(  RSS feed

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when I type 1000 or lower it should end and if i type 1001 - 4999 it should say my salary and if I type 5000-7999 it should ask if i would like to pay for my premiums and end. and when I type higher value I should get the other response. please help me fix my codes ASAP

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package exer5;

import java.util.Scanner;
public class Exer5 {

public static void main(String[] args) {
Scanner Kirk = new Scanner (;
Scanner lui = new Scanner (;

String name,yes,no;
double ans=0,salary,tax=0,sss=0,ded=0,ng=0,sta;

System.out.print("Please Input Your Name: ");;
System.out.println("Welcome: " +name);
System.out.print("Please Input Your Salary: ");

if(salary>1000 && salary<=4999){
System.out.println(name +" your net income" +salary);



else if(salary>5000){
System.out.println(name +"would you like to pay for your premiums");
System.out.println("Input 1 if yes");
System.out.println("Input 2 if no");
ans = lui.nextDouble();
ans = salary - 560;
System.out.println("you're premiums is "+ans);
else if(ans==2){
System.out.println("You're net gross is"+ng);

else if(salary<8000)
sss = 350;

else if(salary>8000&&salary<10000)
sss = 400;

else if(salary>10000&&salary<12000)
sss= 450;

else if(salary>12000&&salary<15000)
sss = 500;

else if(salary>15000)
sss = 550;

System.out.println("Please choose your current marital status from the choices below:");
System.out.println("Press 1 if, Single/Married w/o dependents");
System.out.println("Press 2 if, Single w/ dependents");
System.out.println("Press 3 if, w/ dependents more than 2");



if(sta == 1){
tax = salary *.10;
System.out.println("Your tax is: "+tax);
}else if (sta == 2){
tax = salary *.07;
System.out.println("Your tax is: "+tax);
}else if (sta == 3){
tax = salary *.05;
System.out.println("Your tax is:"+tax);
System.out.println("Please Try Again!");


ded = tax + sss + 210;
System.out.println("Your deductions is: "+ded);

ng = salary - ded;
System.out.println("Your Net Income is:" +ng);
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Please do not post the same question more than once. Let's continue the discussion in this duplicate thread where you got answers already. If you have questions about those - just ask. Also let us know how you have changed your code in the mean time, and what specific problem you're grappling with now.
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