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Able to pass Oracle Web component Developer exam 1z0-899
First of all thanks to Almighty Dear Allah .

Today I took the exam and was able to pass it with 87 %. Thanks to Kathy , Bert and Bryan for writing the book for this exam.
I am thankful to Piotr Nowicki for his great questions related to Servlet 3.0 stuff ,Nikko for his hard work in preparing questions for this exam they are really helpful .
Big thanks to ranchers Bibeault , Tim , Ulf and list goes on. Thanks to KT for again helping me out with Credit card.

I want to share some tips for those who are preparing for the exam.

I read the Head First Jsp Servlet book . Did the exams given at the end of every chapter. And I was doing quite good.
As with any other certification exam you need practice .
Lots of material is already available here Scwcd Links , first time I used Enthuware and It is quite good. It will give you confidence to appear for the real test. Initially I find hard to remember all the API , once I made my own notes it was easy to remember them.

My scores in enthuware test studio

Test 1 72%
Test 2 74%
Test 3 82%
Test 4 68%
Test 5 79%
Test 6 84%
Test 7 79%
Test 8 79%
Test 9 81%
Test 10 80%

Don`t be lazy in making your own notes after taking mock tests. And don`t hesitate to try the code yourself and ranchers will be there to answer your silly questions.

Regarding the real exam it gives more preference to JSTL ,Jsp standard actions , MVC , Things you can do with DD . Annotation questions was very easy , it will be easy pick for you once you go through mock exams.
Memorize the API well if you want to score more.

And when you feel ready , go for it .

Knowledge should make us humble not arrogant.
Stay silent and let your success make the noise
Congrats and now you can chill a bit
Congratulations Mahtab, thanks for the Tips.
Thank you guys.
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