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50% off on all O'Reilly ebooks until September 9th
Thanks Ulf! With school starting, it's a great time to shop for eBooks.

You know, maybe there should be a master link of affiliate codes for everyone to use. That way, the forums would receive some residuals.
I know I would have no problem using an affiliate link to help pay the forum bills. Just a thought!

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This one isn't ranch-specific (I got it in an O'Reilly newsletter), but if you ever shop on Amazon, there's a ranch-specific code (like http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1935182994/jr_bunk-20), so if you go through a link like that, a bit of a kickback goes to the ranch.
It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood - Fred Rogers. Tiny ad:
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