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Learning Java for Android Development-question
Hi Jeff,
From the title of the book and the preview of the book on amazon , it seems that the book attempts to teach java. As this promo is in Android forum, so I guess it should be on Android app development. I have no experience in Android , but am fairly comfortable in Java SE. So, is this book meant for people like me, who know Java and want to dive in to Android development or is vice -versa?

All the best for your book.
Hi Pallavi,

My book focuses on teaching Java (the language and key APIs, such as Collections) as a prerequisite to getting into Android app development. Actually, Android's form of Java is based on Apache Harmony.

Chapter 1 includes an introductory section on Android, and subsequent chapters briefly touch on Android. However, Appendix C "Getting Started with Android", which is included in the book's code file (freely downloadable as part of the book's code at http://www.apress.com/9781430264545), does get into Android app development.

All the best.

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